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Wyoming Elk Hunting

Directory of 29 Wyoming Elk hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Wyoming.

Beaver Trap Outfitters
PO Box 22, Dayton, Wyoming 82836
Phone: (307) 461-0655

Beaver Trap Outfitters operates in the Bighorn National Forest. Elk numbers are at all time highs with no wolves or grizzlys. We offer excellent archery and rifle hunts from a wall tent camp at affordable prices. High success rates with bulls averaging 300 and 340+ bulls killed each year.

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5K Outfitters
Thayne, Wyoming 83127
Phone: (307) 880-0501

The elk hunting in our area is the perfect mix of opportunity and trophy potential. Licenses can be drawn very easily and our hunters have a great chance at taking a great bull. Most bulls average between 260 and 300 inches Boone and Crockett – with bulls over 350 being taken from our area every year. Our seasons run from the first of September (Archery) to the end of October.We have a unique opportunity to hunt Cow Elk into late December on a special draw area 91 cow tag (type 6). This hunt is a great way to fill the freezer for the winter and is a lot of fun. This hunt price does not include meals or lodging.

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Bald Mountain Outfitters
424 N Tyler Ave, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941
Phone: (307) 367-6539

The Bridger Wilderness Area continues to produce some of the best Trophies and the highest Bull:Cow ratios in the state. We hunt nearly exclusively in the Bridger Wilderness and I can offer the advantage of two Deluxe Base Camps, high Wilderness spike camps or Day Use Hunting from the town of Pinedale. Our Base Camps are among the most deluxe and comfortable camps that you will experience.

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Bar-Nunn Hunting
253 Sodergreen Road, Laramie, Wyoming 82070
Cell: (307) 760-4699

Each year we take a very limited number of bull elk hunters. Our primary focus for each and every one of our elk hunters is to send them home with a nice 6x6 bull elk. Year after year the areas we hunt consistently produce 300-370 class bulls. In the last 6 years only one hunter, who passed up shooting opportunities, did not fill his tag. We start our elk hunts well before daylight and will hunt until dark to give you the best opportunity to fill your tag with the biggest bull elk we can find. It is not uncommon while hunting with us to encounter herds of up to 300 head of elk.

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Blue Horse Outfitters
Savery, Wyoming 82332
Phone: (307) 380-6368

Blue Horse Outfitters provides hunting options which include fully and semi guided as well as trespass hunts for black bear, elk, mule deer and antelope. We offer a full service hunting experience from the field to your freezer.

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Butte Creek Outfitters
3020 North Fork Hwy, Cody, Wyoming 82414
Phone: (307) 587-6016

Our original camp, right in an excellent migration area, is a trophy hunter's delight. This camp has a general season for Elk, Oct. 1-21, but we use it primarily for spring Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep, trophy ElkHarv Fridley with the 2012 First Place Wyoming Big Horn Sheep, SCI Score 179 5/8 Harv Fridley with the 2012 First Place Wyoming Big Horn Sheep, SCI Score 179 5/8 We offer 7 day fair chase sight and stalk spring Bear hunts in May and June. Hardpan is a good area for color phase Black Bears and these tags can be purchased over the counter for both residents and non-residents of Wyoming. Dates are flexible and licenses can be purchased over the counter.

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Cross C Ranch
203 13th Street, Wheatland, Wyoming 82201
Phone: (405) 308-5640

Our Wyoming elk hunting is absolutely some of the best in Wyoming. We are in the coveted area 7, widely known for record setting bulls. Our local and resident herd population has exploded in the last few years. We control the hunting on virtually 100% of the 17,000 acre ranch. With our wildlife friendly management, the resident herd feels safe and is thriving. The hunting is all spot and stalk, greatly limiting the pressure on the elk. A 300+ inch bull is common on the ranch with several bulls approaching or exceeding 350 inches B&C.

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Great Plains Outfitters
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Phone: (307) 890-6121

Our elk hunts are second to none. Hunting in some of the best elk units here in Wyoming, let us help you get the elk you've been wanting to hang above the fireplace. Whether you want to chase elk with a rifle or bow, you will have an unforgettable hunt!

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Jackson Hole Outfitters
PO Box 3209, Alpine, Wyoming 83128
Phone: (307) 266-4229

Jackson Hole Outfitters offers a fully guided Archery Elk Hunt. This hunt runs from September 7th through September 30th right during the rut. There just isn’t anything more exciting than the sound of bugling elk. This hunt is fully guided with one guide per two hunters. We start the hunt after an early morning breakfast when you leave on horseback with an experienced archery hunting guide to assist you in getting that trophy elk. You and your guide will spend the day calling for that big bull, trying to get him to come within archery range. That’s when it gets exciting! When an animal that big gets that close to you, it’s pretty impressive and your heart is going to speed up no matter how hard you try to stay calm. You have already had a great day and you haven’t even released an arrow yet! This is a great hunt because Jackson Hole Outfitters offers a very comfortable camp with great meals. We have an experienced and safe staff of guides. There are plenty of elk and the scenery can’t be beat. We don’t have to travel as far or climb as much in elevation for our elk hunts as we do for those big mule deer, so the hunts are less strenuous but you still need to prepare.

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JD High Country Outfitters
50 East Broadway, Jackson, Wyoming 83001
Phone: (307) 733-3270

JD High Country Outfitters offers a large selection of: fishing gear, hunting gear, camping/hiking gear, performance apparel, and more. JD High Country Outfitters also offers a variety of outdoor experiences including: guided elk hunting, guided fly fishing, guided hiking trips and more.

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Lost Creek Outfitters
27 Jim Mountain Dr., Cody, Wyoming 82414
Phone: (307) 527-6251

Late Season & Special Unit Bull Elk Hunts. Depending on the areas and seasons of your hunt, lodging on our elk hunts vary from lodge accommodations or motels to basic wall tent base camps. On this 7 day horseback hunt you will experience one of the best elk hunts in North America. Hunt dates are flexible depending on area between November 1 – December 7th.

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Milliron TJ Outfitters - Big Game
3759 Chuck Wagon Rd., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009
Phone: (307) 631-8107

Archery or Rifle: Our elk hunts take place in several different units. We have had tremendous success in our elk hunting. Archery elk hunting is one of the most exciting hunts you can go on. The elk are in the rut and with the bugle, thrashing of trees, and the action on the wallows make this hunt an experience you will never forget.

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Old West Adventures
P.O. Box 6834, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Phone: (307) 217-0641

All of our elk hunts are in the famous, game rich Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming. We utilize several different hunting units in the Big Horns, this allows us to customize your elk hunt just the way you need it from a four wheel drive hunt to the most remote wilderness horseback trip. All of the areas we hunt have dense elk populations with some world class trophy bulls for the luckiest hunters. We have well trained, safe mules and horses to get in and out of the most remote elk country. If horseback is not the kind of hunt you are looking for, we can utilize four wheel drive vehicles to get around. We will apply you for the area that best fits the style of hunt you desire.

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Paintrock Outfitters
PO Box 509, Greybull, Wyoming 82426
Phone: (307) 899-1162

Come to the Big Horn Mountains for some of the best elk hunting in Wyoming. The Big Horn National Forest and Cloud Peak Reserve provide one of the most pristine settings in the country to hunt for one of the most treasured big game animals in the U.S. We hunt primarily in areas 37, 41, 42, and 45

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Powder River Pursuits
Gillette, Wyoming 82717
Phone: (307) 267-6458

This is your chance to hunt Wyoming famous area 2. Our ranches make up the bulk of this area, and has your greatest opportunity for harvesting the bull of a lifetime. This hunt takes part in late October and is 4 days. The quality of elk in this area typically range from 330-380 with some bulls over reaching over that. We have 100% success on harvesting bulls in this area. These ranches have seen little to no elk hunting pressure which has allowed for a strong number of mature bulls. The terrain is very challenging allowing these bulls to hide in almost every nook and cranny of these ranches. We will typically have multiple guides to help out on these hunts to insure you get the trophy elk of your dreams.

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R & K Hunting Company
80 W. 100 S. P.O. Box 357, Henefer, Wyoming 84033
Phone: (435) 655-5484

There is nothing quite like hearing the echo of a bull elk bugle through a mountain valley on a crisp fall morning. These majestic monarchs are a sight to behold in their natural Rocky Mountain habitat. As a migratory species, elk herds may range over hundreds of square miles. This can be a challenge for wildlife management, but with stewardship over more than 1.2 million acres of elk habitat the R & K Hunting Company has a distinct advantage.

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Rockin 7 Ranch
1468 Hwy 20, Shawnee, Wyoming 82229
Phone: (307) 351-4908

Big bulls? We've got them! We have access to some of the best PRIVATE land for elk hunting in Wyoming. We hunt area 7 in Wyoming which holds some of the best bulls in America. There is a large population of elk, and the hunting is not as mountainous as some hunts, so there is no need for horses, packing, or drop camps. The ranch we will be hunting has a lot of pine trees with lush meadows and sage brush flats. We hunt using mainly a spot and stalk method and can cover most of the ranch with 4 wheel drive trucks.

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Skyline Outfitters
1311 Heald Road, Weston, Wyoming 82731
Phone: (307) 682-1546

This hunt will start September 15th and end October 31st. It will be a call in/spot and stalk type hunt on foot. The bulls will be in the rut at this time and will be an exciting 5 (five) day hunt. In order to maintain quality in the herd, we will only allow a small number of mature bulls to be harvested from the ranch each year. The bulls that have been taken from the ranch in the last few years have been in the 320+ class, with the largest bull scoring 383 in. gross. We intend to only take 300+ in. bulls.

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SNS Outfitter & Guides
Casper, Wyoming 82602
Phone: (307) 266-4229

Elk Hunting This ranch is truly a western classic and encompasses in excess of 100,000 acres. The terrain varies from vast expanses of sagebrush draws and coulees, to rimrock ledges, juniper canyons, patches of aspen and thick stands of pine. T

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SNS Outfitters & Guides Service
Phone: (307) 266-4229

You can choose from our Big Horn Mountain camp based elk hunting on an outstanding 100,000 acre property, with a resident herd of elk numbering between 600-800. This is a wonderful horse back hunt from our private lodge with sleeping quarters and bath facilities. You can also choose our lodge-based bull elk hunt in the Greys River area in western Wyoming. This is a resident herd of over 1000 elk that stay all winter on the Forest Park feed ground.

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South Fork Mountain Lodge & Outfitters
U.S. Highway 16 West, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
Phone: (307) 267-2609

Hunting season extends from the first of September through December. Big Game Hunting in the Big Horn Mountains includes elk, deer and antelope. South Fork Mountain Lodge & Outfitters can provide guides, horses, and food or simply a warm cabin and hot meals in our Lodge.

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Table Mountain Outfitters
PO Box 2714, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003
Phone: (307) 632-6352

This town elk hunt remains without a doubt a superior hunt. While Wyoming elk hunting you will experience large herds of elk and low hunting pressure on Table Mountain Outfitters’ private ranch. We are certain this Wyoming elk hunt is one of the best opportunities to harvest a trophy bull anywhere in the country. To maintain the quality of elk and the superior experience we take only a small amount of elk hunters in this area. You provide your accommodations in a local motel and we pick you up each morning. Come hunt the rolling foot hills for this truly magnificent animal.

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Thunder Ridge Outfitters
7229 Goose Egg Circle, Casper, Wyoming 82604

We hunt areas that are draw only, no over the counter or leftover tags exist in our units. Our areas have low drawing odds unless you have preference points. We hunt almost all public ground and we spread out over many areas, this keeps our hunting pressure low and trophy quality high.

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Timberline Outfitters Inc.
9602 West Milliron Rd., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009
Phone: (307) 635-7288

One of North America’s greatest big game trophies is Elk and Wyoming has some of the best Elk hunting. Timberline offers archery and rifle Elk hunts on private and public lands. All licenses are on a draw basis with tough odds, so accumulating preference points is advised.

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Trefren Outfitters
101456 US Highway 89 S, Thayne, Wyoming 83127
Phone: (307) 883-3400

Trefren Outfitters offers a wide range of elk hunts, from the high country in western Wyoming in units 84 and 89, these units are the location of our Little Greys camp. Using horses to facilitate the hunt in a spot and stalk manner, we can offer clients a wide range of opportunities, from some of the most undisturbed archery hunting to a post rut rifle hunt, and even a hunt that usually takes place during the flash rut in mid October. Our archery season

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Triple Three Outfitters
333 French Creek Road, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
Craig Smith: (307) 684-2832

Elk Hunts during the rifle season are conducted on our private mountain ranch on the face of the Bighorn Mountains. Lodging will be in cabins with wood heat. This ranch has been producing trophy bulls for our clients for many years and the hunting keeps getting better each year!

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Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC
HC 64 Box 106, McFadden, Wyoming 82083
Phone: (307) 760-5596

On all three hunts we have to offer (1 River bottom elk, 2 Foothill elk, 3 Mountain Elk), there is a high possibility of getting an additional cow tag. Archery hunts are available in September when the bulls will be bugling and heavy in the rut. Rifle hunts are normally in October to early November. The herds that we hunt are resident elk meaning they are int he area all year long. In the last two years we have had a success rate of 95% on all elk hunts in Southeast Wyoming. We primary use 4x4's to get to and from the hunt areas. Most of the hunting is done on foot. Horses are available to pack, if necessary.

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WyCon Safari, Inc.
PO Box 1126, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331
Phone: (970) 456-7580

We run 50% to 100% harvest rates on elk. Most of our elk hunting is done with 4-wheel drives. The elk are pressured off the forest onto the private ranches. We also day hunt from the ranch at Saratoga in the wilderness areas with horses.

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Wyoming's Finest Outfitter, LLC
187 Early Creek Rd, Ranchester, Wyoming 82839
Phone: (307) 751-2297

Wyoming's Finest Outfitters lies in the heart of some of the most prime hunting ground in Wyoming. Located in the northeast corner of the state at the base of the Big Horn mountain, we are approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from Billings, MT, Casper, WY and Gillette, WY. We specialize in archery elk, deer, antelope and mountain lion hunts on more than 180,000 acres of private land where game is plentiful and of trophy caliber. Our goal is to provide you with a 100% effort and a quality hunting experience.

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