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Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC

Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC
Tyler Sims - Owner
HC 64 Box 106
McFadden, WY 82083

Contact Info:
Phone: (307) 760-5596


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On all three hunts we have to offer (1 River bottom elk, 2 Foothill elk, 3 Mountain Elk), there is a high possibility of getting an additional cow tag. Archery hunts are available in September when the bulls will be bugling and heavy in the rut. Rifle hunts are normally in October to early November. The herds that we hunt are resident elk meaning they are int he area all year long. In the last two years we have had a success rate of 95% on all elk hunts in Southeast Wyoming. We primary use 4x4's to get to and from the hunt areas. Most of the hunting is done on foot. Horses are available to pack, if necessary.