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Montana Elk Hunting

Directory of 42 Montana Elk hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Montana.

B & D Outfitters
Box 455, Kalispell, Montana 59903
Phone: (406) 752-7842

COMBINATION ELK AND MULE DEER HUNTS! License applications must be postmarked March 15-17 depending on the type of license you are applying for. We can supply you with application forms and the Outfitters Certification Forms. Remember, the earlier you book, the better the chance of getting the dates you want!! We require 1/2 of amount as deposit at the time of booking. Call us for references, questions, or quotes and let us book your Montana Vacation!!

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Bear Paw Hunts
Box 765 1641 Juniper Dr., Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: (406) 386-2256

ever a dull moment hunting this great animal. The Bear Paw’s has become very well known for the huge mature bulls. The elk in the Bear Paw’s are unique because they are very spread out throughout the area and have become very nomadic. The bull to cow ratio is like no other and it’s more common to see bulls than cows. The archery season begins September 1st and runs into the rifle season which begins in late October and runs to the end of November.

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Big Salmon Outfitters
155 31st Street N, Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: (406) 644-2557

When the leaves start to rustle, the nights get frosty, and the elk begin to bugle, here at Big Salmon Outfitters we turn our full attention to hunting. We hunt the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness area. The country is remote, rugged and wild.

No corners are cut when preparing for your hunt. You will be pleasantly surprised at our clean, comfortable base camp 20 miles from the end of the road. We serve excellent meals, use quality equipment, and provide excellent horses that are well conditioned and ready to go.

From camp we travel by horseback to different drainages during each hunt. This enables us to access some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the country. It also allows us to accommodate people of mixed ages and physical abilities.

Rifle Hunt Elk in the Rut

Ever look through your scope at a bugling bull? Area 150 is one of the few to allow early season rifle hunts for trophy bulls during the peak of the rut. We hunt 9 major drainages on these early season hunts - from dark timber to open slides, meadows, high open country, and everything in between. Elevations vary from 4400 feet to over 7000 feet.

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Black Mountain Outfitters
P.O. BOX 117, Emigrant, Montana 59027
Phone: (406) 222-7455

Hunt our huge private leased ranch, the perfect elk hideaway. We stay in a modern log lodge, to hunt the lush meadows and scattered timber. Fantastic country and lots of cows to drive the bulls crazy make this the hunt of a lifetime. This native herd provides lots of bugling and heart stopping moments for the bowhunter.

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Cody Carr's Hunting Adventures
66 Swamp Creek road, Plains, Montana 59859
Cell: (406) 360-8106, Lodge: (406) 826-7770

Rifle season for elk starts the third Saturday in October and ends the Sunday after thanksgiving. Northwest Montana offers some of the best elk hunting in Montana. The area we guide boast some of the oldest age class bulls in the state due to the terrain, cover and brow tine restrictions our area has to offer. Hunting elk in Northwest Montana with a bow should be the biggest adrenaline rush of your life. Hunting big Montana bulls with your bow while they are bugling during the mating season proves to be one of the most action-packed hunts we have to offer. Herd bulls are smart and weary, but come the rut they are full of testosterone and have one thing on their minds.

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Flatiron Outfitting
PO Box 2510, Thompson Falls, Montana 59873
Phone: (406) 241-7492

Taking a bull elk on a spot and stalk rifle hunt or with a bow and arrow during the rut, could be the pinnacle of a lifetime of hunting. Take advantage of our professional staff, as they put their years of personal experience and knowledge to work for you. Our guides are longtime residents of the area and are fellow sportsmen who are dedicated to providing hunts of the highest quality.

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Flying J Outfitters
P.O. Box 70, Myton, Montana 84052
Phone: (435) 646-3208

We have trophy Bull Elk hunting in the Book Cliffs. This is exceptional big game trophy hunting and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. If you are interested in trophy Bull Elk hunting, then this fully guided Book Cliffs hunt is for you! Flying J outfitters began in the Book Cliffs with its founder Lawny Jackson clear back in 1970 and although many wildlife laws and policies have changed, one thing still remains the same in this remote Northeastern section of Utah and that is Big Bulls still hang out there.

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Harris Hunts & Fort Musselshell Outfitters
1881 Old Stage Rd, Mosby, Montana 59058
Phone: (406) 429-2800

Harris Hunts offers both rifle and archery elk hunting from several different trophy units from central to eastern Montana. Whether you want to put your bow hunting skills to the test, or bring your most trustworthy rifle for a chance to hunt big game, our experienced hunting guides will put you in position for success. Thanks to careful and sensible land management, Central Montana is home to many trophy class bulls; in fact, many hunters have taken bulls that have scored in the 340’s to 380’s, with a few larger bulls. For many years, our archery elk hunts have produced 80% to 90% opportunity, with a kill percentage ranging from 35-60%. Human error is obviously a large factor in this statistic, so of course, it is important to practice your shot and accuracy beforehand to make sure you take advantage of your opportunities. Practice, practice, practice!

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Hole in the Wall Ranch
5255 Fish Creek Rd, Alberton, Montana 59820
Phone: (406) 239-2882

If it’s the close encounter with the bugling Bull Elk in rut you are after, our archery season is for you. Our guides strive at bugling in bulls for close encounters. We offer two hunts during the month of September. These hunts are pack in hunts. Where we pack out of our Lodge and into the backcountry to hunt.

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J&J Guide Service
312 Findon Lane, Martinsdale, Montana 59053
Phone: (715) 820-0869

J&J Guide Service offers guided archery and rifle hunts for Montana Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Antelope. We also offer Turkey, Upland Bird and Waterfowl hunting. With our hard working guides, high success rates and our Christian values, we will ensure that you receive the most honest, enjoyable, and successful hunt possible.

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K Lazy Three Outfitters
PO Box 144, Fallon, Montana 59326
Phone: (406) 486-5007

We operate two backcountry camps in the Scapegoat Wilderness area, which are 14 and 22 miles from the Indian Meadow Trailhead. The trailhead is 60 miles northwest of Helena, Montana. While our primary focus is elk hunting and mule deer hunting; we are available to guide individuals that have been lucky enough to draw a moose or mountain goat tag for our area which is region 280 (September – early November).

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Kibler Outfitting & Charter Fishing
1239 N. Lodge Pole Road, Sand Springs, Montana 59077
Phone: (406) 557-2503

Your full service, fair chase hunt for elk, mule deer and antelope takes place on 50,000 acres of private and BLM lands, with our experienced guides and is enhanced by home cooked meals and a comfortable bed. Good conservation practices insure the best quality game possible. See for miles across our rolling hills, then dip abruptly into steep tree-lined ravines. Begin each day of your hunt within the solitude of our camp composed of two mobile homes which assure a relaxed, uncrowded atmosphere. Home cooked meals include your favorite dishes created in our ranch kitchen. Four-wheel drive vehicles are used to get to hunting areas, then the hunt is aided by spotting scopes. As each trophy is taken, your licensed guide will cape, care for and store that trophy for the taxidermist of your choice.

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Landwehr Outfitters
P.O. Box 182, Jordan, Montana 59337
Phone: (405) 219-1319

Rifle bull elk and rifle cow elk permits are given out in a drawing. It is difficult for hunters to draw rifle elk permits, but if you do draw a permit, Rifle Elk Hunts are available. Prices and dates available upon request. If you want to add a Rifle Elk Hunt to one of the other hunting packages, add $1,250 for bull elk and $500 for cow elk. The Breaks are known as one of the premier elk habitats in Montana and the western U.S. Elk and mule deer inhabit much of the same areas. Our thirty years of hunting this area gives us a great understanding of where and when the elk will be. Drawing a permit is difficult but if successful, you may have the hunt of a lifetime!

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Lazy J Bar O Outfitters
P.O. Box 1753, Big Timber, Montana 59011
Phone: (406) 932-5687

With a growing elk population and a very high concentration of bulls, this may be the best general-unit elk hunting anywhere in the Rockies today. With little recognition and subsequently low hunting pressure, it just keeps getting better each year.

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Lone Wolf Guide Service
PO Box 631, Livingston, Montana 59047
Phone: (406) 223-1108

The bulls found are “World Class”. Two factors contribute to the fantastic trophy quality available. First, our areas are a “limited entry” bull elk-hunting district. This means that trophy bull elk are on a very strict quota for hunters. Second, these areas have extremely limited access due to the fact that the majority of the land is private. Both of these factors give bull elk a chance to mature and attain the age necessary for optimum horn growth. A special permit is required to hunt either sex elk. 50% of my clients draw their permit. The possibility of a hunter harvesting a 320+P&Y or larger bull on this hunt is not unrealistic. My clients have harvested 350+ P&Y official gross bull elk. Lone Wolf Guide Service strives to assist in this process while offering only the very finest private ranches for it’s client hunters. Please call today to arrange the time slot that best suits your needs! I will do my best to help you decide based upon the results of previous years and the hunting method that you are most comfortable with.

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Lost Creek Outfitters
P.O. Box 2192, Livingston, Montana 59047
Phone: (406) 223-5055

Elk Archery Hunting - If you have ever dreamed of hunting Elk at the peak of the rut when bugling season is in full swing, come join us at Lost Creek Outfitters. Our guides understand it takes more than just luck to get within bow range of a bugling elk. We will provide you with the kind of persistence, experience and determination it takes to get you close enough to make the shot of a lifetime on a trophy bull Elk. Elk Rifle Hunting - If bow hunting isn't your passion we also offer late season rifle hunting packages that will put you in the right situations to close the deal on a trophy bull Elk.

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MAD Outfitting
PO Box 1021, Forsyth, Montana 59327
Work: (406) 201-0053, Home: (406) 356-7238

Welcome to the home of Montana's Finest Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope hunting. MAD Outfitting offers several different hunting options for both gun and archery hunters. We pride ourselves on having the best ranch in Eastern Montana. All hunts are 100% fair chase. For four generations our family has hunted the land and after 20 years in the hunting business, we decided to become licensed outfitters. MAD Outfitting also offers guided hunting trips for elk and turkey.

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Majestic Mountain Outfitters
PO Box 5036, Forsyth, Montana 59327
Phone: (406) 347-5401

We hunt turkey in the spring and mule deer, elk, and antelope in the fall. We have both single species and combination hunts available depending on the dates. The deer and elk are five day hunts and the antelope and turkey are three day hunts. These hunts are two-on-one, with two clients accompanying one guide. Most of the time two buddies are coming together to share in the experience. If you come alone, you will be paired with another hunter, but we make sure both hunters leave happy and with their trophies.

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Milk River Outfitters
Post Office Box 35, Hinsdale, Montana 59241
Phone: (406) 648-5494

If you are looking to hunt elk, Montana is the right place, and Milk River Outfitters the right company. We have access to numerous ranches along the Milk, Missouri, and Powder Rivers. These ranches are carefully managed so our clients have ample opportunity at quality animals.We at Milk River Outfitters strive to provide an atmosphere of home cooked meals, comfortable lodging, and a friendly guide staff that will make you feel at home during your stay with us. We run a very high rate of repeat business, boast a very high hunter success rate, and we are very proud of both.

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Montana Big Game Pursuits
PO Box 42, Dayton, Montana 59914
Phone: (406) 531-1222

Archery Elk is our business. We have leased thousands of acres of some of the best archery elk hunting in Montana. We hunt District 410 in the reknown Missouri River Breaks. This area is Archery only for Elk with very limited rifle permits. With a large resident herd and light hunting pressure our success rate is high and most years we run 100% shot opportunity. Small camps with only 4 hunters per week insure we have ground that is given oppertunity to rest. 6 x 6 bulls 300 - 330 are our average bulls. We encourage a 6 pts. minimum. We hunt waterholes, travel patterns, spot & stalk, calling. You will see many bulls during your hunt. This area produces some trophy bulls in the 350-380+ class. Not everyone will take one home but they are a realistic opportunity.

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Montana High Country Tours
7501 Pioneer Mtn. Rd., Polaris, Montana 59746
Phone: (406) 834-3469

ARCHERY HUNTING SEASON runs through September and the first half of October and coincides with the elk rut! There is nothing quite like the sound of a bugling herd bull and the thrill of working him in close enough for that ultimate archery shot. Our archery guides are experienced archery hunters themselves and have personally taken elk, deer, black bear, moose, antelope and mountain goat with the RIFLE HUNTING SEASON begins the last week of October and runs through November. We have a large resident herd of elk, deer & antelope in our area. As the winter snow comes it causes more game to migrate into our valley, thus keeping us into game all season long. We are set up to be as mobile as the game; our lodge/ranch is at 6500’ elevation and our wilderness base camp is at 9000’ elevation.

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Montana Hunting & Fishing Adventures
870 Sleeping Child Road, Hamilton, Montana 59840
Phone: (406) 306-7238

Our Montana elk hunts are run September Through November. Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion and Wolf can be hunted in combination on our elk hunts with the proper tags. These hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk. Our elk hunts run eight nights with seven full days of elk hunting. Transportation to hunting areas are 4-wheel drive vehicles or horses, but most of the elk hunting will be on foot. License application Deadline is March 15th. The units we hunt elk in are 204, 240, 250, 260, 261 and 270 On the Bitterroot National Forest and in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.

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Montana River Anglers
415 Blanchard View Drive, Whitefish, Montana 59937
Phone: (406) 862-3448

Montana's finest guided big game hunting. We take a very limited number of hunters each year to ensure a very high quality hunt. We hunt Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, and Elk on some of the best private ranches Montana has to offer.

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Montana Sporting Club
Belt, Montana 59412
Phone: (800) 605-8046

All of our elk hunts are completely fair chase and there are no "high fences" We specialize in wilderness horseback pack-in elk hunts. We also offer private land elk hunts. We use point restriction and good herd management to protect the young bulls, allowing them to grow older and smarter. We have a 4 point restriction on the bull elk. This has proven to be a great herd builder. Many bulls are living to be mature trophy class animals. Add our area's remoteness and the dedicated hunter will have a real chance at collecting a trophy bull. We have been experiencing greater trophy potential each year with over half of our hunters taking 5x6 bulls or bigger.

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Montana Whitetails
1601-C Mountain House Road, Halifax, Montana 17032
Phone: (717) 512-3582

Elk hunting in Montana can be a very exciting and rewarding hunt. Our private land elk Archery Hunts and Rifle Hunts are done on moderately rolling to semi-rugged terrain. Conditioning of the hunter can often influence the success on your elk hunting trip. We have access to thousands of acres of private land in the best elk hunting region in Montana. Multiple first class elk hunting properties that are all private lands gives us flexibility to offer our clients a world class elk hunt.

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Musselshell Outfitters, LLC
PO BOX 362, Roundup, Montana 59072
Office: (406) 323-3042, Cell: (406) 350-4868

Our elk hunting is archery only. It is virtually impossible to draw a permit to hunt this area for elk with a rifle. It's a bowhunter's dream. There are bull elk in this area that will score 400 Boone & Crockett points! Half of our hunting guests see bulls that score 350"+ every season. We have at least three opportunities at 350"+ elk every season.

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Nelson Outfitters
900 Big Goose Road, Sheridan, Montana 82801
Phone: (307) 672-6996

5 days of hunting from a camp at the Crazy Mountains. Licenses are guaranteed Outfitter Sponsored licenses. Archery and rifle hunting opportunities are available. Please call us for details. This hunt includes transportation from Billings, Montana guide services and all food on hunt days.

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Northern Rockies Outfitters
270 Bayou Rd, Kalispell, Montana 59901
Phone: (406) 756-2544

Sheep Creek Ranch is a newly aquired property that borders the Cascade Ranch. This will be the primary place we take our rifle elk hunters. It is a rugged portion of the Big Belt Mountians that is a big bull hideout after the September rut. We primarily access the interior of this ranch by hiking and riding horses. This ranch is best suited for those in good physical condition. The property is large. It consists of deep canyons with heavily timbered ridges and open grassy hillsides. Classic elk habitat. In addition to the elk hunting we do there, we also pursue bear and mountain lion.

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Otter Creek Outfitters
266 Otter Creek Road, Otter, Montana 59062
Phone: (406) 784-6185

Welcome to the online home of Otter Creek Outfitters! We're pleased you've taken the time to stop by. We offer mule deer, antelope, wild turkey (Merriams), varmint hunting (coyote and prairie dog), and fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Based in Otter, Montana, Otter Creek Outfitters manage many private leases and permitted areas for trophy animals. Strict game management is the key to great hunting. It's not by accident that the Powder River area has long been known for producing large, heavy-horned mule deer. The feed and genetics here are the perfect recipe for massive antler growth.

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Pigeye Outfiffers
6352 Pioneer Road, Moccasin, Montana 59462
Phone: (406) 423-5332

Pigeye Outfitters also has a Forest Service permit for special elk hunting area #420. We are the only licensed outfitter allowed to hunt this area. I have all of my big-game clients apply for this special permit. Due to the fact of less hunting pressure and that more bulls reach an older age, a special bull elk permit in this area greatly increases your chances of taking a larger bull.

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R & K Hunting Company
80 W. 100 S. P.O. Box 357, Henefer, Montana 84033
Phone: (435) 655-5484

There is nothing quite like hearing the echo of a bull elk bugle through a mountain valley on a crisp fall morning. These majestic monarchs are a sight to behold in their natural Rocky Mountain habitat. As a migratory species, elk herds may range over hundreds of square miles. This can be a challenge for wildlife management, but with stewardship over more than 1.2 million acres of elk habitat the R & K Hunting Company has a distinct advantage.

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Redbone Outfitting
1938 Thundermutt, Corvallis, Montana 59828
Phone: (406) 370-5419

Elk hunting is by permit only in the Missouri Breaks. These permits are very hard to draw but as you can see, well worth the effort if your one of the lucky few. We do these elk hunts by special arrangement and you should give us a call for more information.

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Rugg's Outfitting
116 Black Bear Trail, Superior, Montana 59872
Phone: (406) 822-4240

We do both Bow & Rifle hunts from our remote pack-in-camps along the Montana-Idaho state line. We hunt during the rut and in an area that seldom sees other hunters. Because of the terrain and the difficulty getting into the area you have the place all to yourself. This is also true with our rifle hunts from the pack-in camps. For the hunter that wants a little comfort, we do late season hunts from our modern cabins. With these hunts you and the guide are usually dropped off from vehicles in the morning and then are hunting on foot back to a pick-up point.

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S & W Outfitters
619 Dearborn Avenue, Helena, Montana 59601
Phone: (406) 640-1673

Our goal is to provide our hunting and fly fishing guests with a first class trip. Weather your planing a Montana hunting trip for mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, or elk. Or or a Montana fly fishing trip for trout on some of Montana's legendary waters such as the Madison River, Yellowstone and Missouri River to name a few. We offer an experience to be remembered long after the trophy mounts and photos have faded and lost their splendor.

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Self-Guided Hunts
1087 Stoneridge Dr, Ste. 2D, Bozeman, Montana 59718
Phone: (866) 321-2754

Our elk hunts are primarily run out of the West Martinsdale Ranch which borders the western boundary of the Lewis & Clark National forest. The west ranch covers over 10,000 acres with ridgelines and high plateaus that run throughout the hunting area

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Sunday Creek Outfitters
PO Box 3486, Bozeman, Montana 58772
Phone: (406) 581-2717

Our well managed ranches produce some exciting Montana Elk Hunting with a very high success rate. We hunt on moderate terrain, making our Montana Elk hunts accessible to almost all hunters regardless of physical condition. Sunday Creek's experienced and professional local guides will provide you with a challenging and rewarding Montana Elk hunt for both archery and rifle! - See more at: http://www.sundaycreekoutfitters.com/types-of-hunts/hunting-elk-in-montana.html#sthash.a5qUn9YY.dpuf

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Swan Mountain Outfitters
26356 Soup Creek, Swan Lake, Montana 59911
Phone: (406) 387-4405

We are a full service elk hunting guide outfit guiding hunts in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Swan Valley areas of Montana off of horseback. Our hunting areas support a number of elk herds, with elk bulls taken frequently enough on our elk hunts. Our hunting areas also support ample populations of whitetail and mule deer and color phase black bear, increasing the chances of success across species. This terrain is more challenging to hunt elk in, no doubt, no flat land here. With the expertise and skill provided by our guides, we have had good luck in past years, and expect that to continue in the future. Our elk herds are in better shape today than they have been in thirty years!

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Tillman's Bed and Breakfast
1512 Colorado, Malta, Montana 59538
Phone: (406) 658-2154

The country surrounding the Missouri River provides an unforgettable hunt. Sparsely populated, eastern Montana leaves more room for elk, deer, and antelope. You will be surrounded by wildlife, even outnumbered. Hunt the wide-open spaces for pronghorn antelope, mule deer or whitetail. The spacious prairie around Tillmans offers hunting that you will treasure for a long time.

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Triple O Outfitters
251 S. Gersam, Hamilton, Montana 45013
Phone: (513) 254-1261

We provide deer hunting, elk hunting, bear hunting and mountain lion hunting with rifle and bow. Our guided hunt trips include cook, food, lodging, guides, horses, saddles, camp equipment, and the packing of your game. Idaho's Clearwater National Forest has consistently been one of the best big game populations around.

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Trophies West Outfitting
127 Churn Creek Dr., Bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone: (406) 599-2585

Guided archery hunts & guided rifle hunts take place exclusively on private property. Typical terrain varies from dry rolling grasslands, creek bottoms to rough, steep canyons with scattered timber throughout. The ranches vary greatly from one another in size, terrain, habitat and ease of access. This diversity allows us to place each hunter on the ranch that best suits their needs & personal hunting style.

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Two Leggins Outfitters
HC36 Box 2120, Hardin, Montana 59034
Phone: (406) 665-2825

Elk hunting hunts are conducted from our first class lodge as base camp. We'll then travel each day to the 50,000 + ranch and hunt by 4x4 vehicles and on foot moving from vantage point to vantage point to locate that Montana buck of a lifetime. Lots of good hunting country has good vehicle access, so we can accommodate hunters of any physical condition. Our hunting guides are professional hunters and love to share their skills. They will work hard to maximize your opportunity to have a successful elk hunting, deer hunting or other big game hunting trip here at Two Leggins Outfitters, your Southeast Montana outfitter.

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White Mountain Outfitters
1851 Sutherland Lane, Corvallis, Montana 59828
Phone: (406) 239-1688

Along with our Back-Country elk hunt camps in the proposed Great Burn Wilderness on the LoLo National Forest. We also have camps located on the Beaverhead Deer lodge National Forest in the Big hole valley of Western Montana. This area is known to have one of the largest concentrations of elk in the state! We have secured one hundred square miles of exclusive outfitting rights of prime elk hunting habitat on this forest.

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