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Utah Elk Hunting

Directory of 48 Utah Elk hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Utah.

2 Dog Huntin'
2209 S 2000 E, Vernal, Utah 84078
Phone: (435) 760-1682

We offer a 5 day hunt with one guide per client. On our ranch you will be pleased to see large quantities and quality of Bull Elk. Clients average 98% harvest success with some customers passing up bulls 300+, while looking for that bull of a lifetime!!! We generally take bulls scoring 285 to 340 and most averaging 320. In any given 5 day period we figure that a person may view as many as 40 different bulls, pretty easy.

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Backcountry Outfitters of Utah
875 E Highway 24, Torrey, Utah 84775
Phone: (435) 425-2010

Utah Muzzleloader or Archery Elk Hunts. Utah is a lottery draw system for big game tags. Let us custom manage your Utah big game applications to maximize your chances of drawing the tags you want. We have a track record of success in sorting through the intricacies of Utah hunting regs to provide each hunter with the best shot at their target animal.

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Black Timber Outfitters
11775 S Nicklaus Rd, Sandy, Utah 84092
Phone: (801) 891-5873

Come hunt the famous San Juan for 370+ bulls. The Rut is just starting to heat up towards the end of the archery hunt, then continues through the rifle and muzzle loader hunts. This hunt is very physically demanding and takes place between 6500 and 10,000 feet. A typical day elk hunting consists of getting up before daylight and driving/hiking to our chosen spot, then pursuing bugles on foot, then sorting through bulls until we find that special one. You will typically see anywhere from 10-30 bulls a day. Very few people get to experience an elk hunt like this in their lifetime, and we hope that you will let us be a part of your experience.

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Boulder Mountain Adventures
310 W Main , Torrey, Utah 84775
Phone: (435) 425-3660

The fun and experienced guides of Boulder Mountain Adventures have been hunting these areas for over 30 years and guiding professionally for the past 15 years. Being year round residents and on the mountain almost everyday gives us a great advantage of knowing where these trophy animals are at all times and where they go when they are not where they are supposed to be. Our scouting begins in the spring and summer months while guiding fly fishing and fly fishing pack trips. The key factors to a successful hunt are being able to locate the game, knowing the nature of the species you are pursuing and having the ability to field score the animal prior the kill. We at Boulder Mountain Adventures pride ourselves in these skills.

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Broadmouth Canyon Ranch
PO Box 472, Firth, Utah 83236
Phone: (208) 346-6648

We hunt one-on-one with experienced guides who know these beautiful mountains and the animals that inhabit them. We hunt with horses and hiking. We use A.T.Vs and 4-wheel-drive vehicles when needed, depending on the areas you want to hunt, and on your physical condition. This hunting trip is for five days with three days in the field. We typically have five to six elk hunters hunting from the lodge at the same time.

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Bronson Outfitting
PO Box 2355, Cedar City, Utah 84271
Adam: (435) 531-3272, Aaron: (435) 881-3262

The San Juan is an amazing place to chase screaming bulls. We also guide on the Plateau Boulder Kaiparowits and other premier elk units within Utah. We want to be on the units that have the ability to produce giant bulls. When we hunt elk, we take elk hunting just as serious as our sheep and deer hunts and approach these hunts with equally as much scouting and preparation to find the biggest bulls available.

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Bucks & Bulls Guides & Outfitters
270 N. Main St., Lindon, Utah 84042
Phone: (801) 785-5050

There are few things in hunting more exhilarating than the bugle of a mature bull elk on a crisp September morning, and fortunately, due to flexible dates, we are able to hunt these magnificent animals during the peak of the rut with a rifle or any weapon. We have five large ranches on which we conduct our elk hunts, three of which are in Utah and two in New Mexico. Through these ranches we receive guaranteed, transferable permits, thus eliminating the hassle of state drawing systems for our clients. Each ranch is managed for high numbers of elk, high bull to cow ratios, and high hunter success. All of these hunts take place from mid September to mid October.

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Castle Valley Outdoors
1600 N State Rd 10, Emery, Utah 84522
Toll Free: (800) 586-6503

In addition to pheasant hunting, Castle Valley Outdoors has outstanding big game and predator hunting packages available for the avid hunter. The mountains of Central Utah, surrounding our 15,000 acres of privately owned land, are filled with big game animals including mule deer, bear, elk, mountain lion and predators. Our experienced Master Hunting Guides know this land very well and can tailor a hunt to fit your needs!

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Clear Creek Hunting
5103 South 3550 West, Roy, Utah 84067
Mike: (801) 540-4152

Clear Creek Hunting LLC offers professional quality rifle Bull Elk Hunts in some of the best Limited Entry and CWMU units in the Western states. These private ranches and Limited Entry hunts have continued to produce some outstanding Bulls year after year. Our rifle elk hunts take place in late September and early October. Both hunts provide us with some classic rut activity and plenty of mature bugling bulls. There are few things in hunting more exhilarating than the bugle of a mature bull elk less than 100 years away, and fortunately we are able to hunt these magnificent animals during the peak of the rut with a rifle or any legal weapon. Our hunts are spot and stock type hunts. In past years all our hunters have had a shot opportunity at a mature Bull. We also offer some fantastic Cow Elk Hunts on several of our ranches. Cow Elk hunting can be challenging with a mature cow weighing several hundred pounds on the hoof.

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Devil's Gate Outfitters
PO Box 12, Mendon, Utah 84325
Phone: (435) 752-1967

Devil's Gate Outfitters offers a fully guided, five day rifle Trophy Elk Hunt with meals and lodging included. This hunt is in September during the rut and is 100% fair chase. Hunting these trophy animals during the rut is demanding but offers the most exciting hunt and the best chance for a trophy. The elk herd on the ranch is managed for trophy quality animals. Bulls scoring 300+ are common and 350+ bulls are possible.

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Double C Guides & Outfitters
3711 N. 570 W., Erda, Utah 84074
Phone: (801) 349-0059

We hunt trophy quality elk throughout the state of Utah. We guide several of the top producing limited entry units, several great opportunity units as well as several general season areas. All of these areas offer archery hunts, rifle hunts and muzzleloader hunts.

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Elite Outfitters
P.O. Box 189 , Vernal, Utah 84078
Phone: (435) 828-8009

Utah offers elk hunters some of the finest trophy bull elk hunting available anywhere. Come and bugle rutting bulls for the ultimate trophy elk hunting experience. Elk numbers are at an all time high in many areas with some of the highest bull to cow ratios found anywhere in the world. Utah manages their elk herds carefully which has resulted in a high percentage of mature bulls and better quality hunting than nearly any other state can offer.

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Escalante Ranch
2900 South 12500 East, Jensen, Utah 84035
Phone: (435) 781-2662

Bull Elk Hunting on the Escalante Ranch is truly a one of a kind experience. We offer fully guided bull elk hunts on private property that shows you why the Escalante Ranch is one of the West’s best kept secrets. Cow Elk hunts start in October and run through the end of January. Escalante Ranch cow elk hunts provide hunters of all ages a unique opportunity to successfully harvest a mature cow elk for a reasonable price.

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FNH Outfitters
Leeds, Utah 84746
Phone: (435) 590-3695

F-N-H Outfitters, located in beautiful Southern Utah, is committed to your hunt. Whether it be limited or premium entry, Elk, Deer, Rocky mountain goat, Pronghorn, Coyote or Turkey; we will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience while hunting for your trophy. We operate on both public and private lands and service southern Utah, including Plateau Boulder, Mt. Dutton, Zion, and Paunsaugunt just to name a few. We are happy to provide service to you for the Archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts. Our goal is that our clients complete their hunt with a memory that will last a lifetime and a trophy that they can't wait to share.

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Gone Hunting Outfitter
387 East 520 South, Monroe, Utah 84754
Cell: (435) 979-4071

Elk Hunting in Utah is second to none! With a diverse landscape and Giant bulls scattered throughout, Utah is a must go to state for anybody searching for a true trophy elk. Hunting opportunities are limited for the trophy units and can be drawn through the public draw or purchased at conservation banquets. We offer Elk hunts throughout Southern Utah where we have spent countless hours. Learning the habits and rutting patterns of the Elk herds. (Elk Units we Guide in - Beaver, Boulder, Monroe, Mt Dutton, Pahvant, Southwest Desert, San Juan, and Fishlake). Contact us today to arrange to have us bid on a tag for you or help with where to apply.

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GT Outfitters
P.O. Box 73, Green River, Utah 84525
Phone: (435) 564-8256

Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader. These hunts will be two guides per hunter and can be a great hunt with a lot of mature bulls to be seen. 330”-350" with potential for bigger bulls. References available from previous years hunts. The Little Creek/Roadless hunt is a pack in hunt on mules while staying in a wall tent with a wood burning stove. A true backcountry elk hunt in beautiful country. The Bitter Creek/South (Road) hunt is available as well with most hunting on side by sides while spotting bulls and then closing the distance. Large unit with lots of time spent glassing and covering country.

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Hightop Outfitters
Richfield, Utah 84701
Phone: (435) 979-1486

Currently, Utah is home to some of the best Elk Hunting in the world. Utah kicks off its Trophy Bull Elk season with the archery hunt in August, running through mid September. The early rifle and muzzle loader hunts open up right in the middle of the rut, mid to late September. You now have the opportunity to apply for a late season limited entry elk tag that will bring Utah’s trophy elk season to a close in November. Hunting trophy bull elk right in the middle of the rut is hands down one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have as a hunter. Walking down a canyon in the crisp early mornings and hearing the bulls screams erupt all around you. So loud you can literally feel it.

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J&J Outfitters
P.O. Box 244, Henefer, Utah 84033
Phone: (435) 336-4146

We offer 5-day guided muzzleloader or rifle hunts for Trophy Class Bulls or 6-day guided archery hunts. Our hunt dates run from late August to early November. We also offer lower priced bull hunts on our ranches with smaller bulls. Prices vary depending upon the hunt, ranch and weapon choice. Please call or e-mail us for more details.

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Lazy Bar T Outfitters
8526 South 4800 West, Payson, Utah 84651
Phone: (801) 794-2503

We here at Lazy Bar T Outfitters take great pride in our hunts. We will go out of our way to provide you with nice accommodations and a fun, exciting opportunity to harvest a trophy animal. You will experience some of Utah’s most beautiful mountain country. We want you to feel like a hunting partner, not just a client. It’s your hunt, your way.

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LC Ranch
14535 West 4000 North, Altamont, Utah 84001
Phone: (801) 455-6809

The LC Ranch in northeastern Utah is an Elk Hunters paradise. We offer a high fence elk hunt on our 1400 acre ranch (700 high fenced acres). We have been featured on several hunting and outdoor shows on Versus, ESPN2 and more. We can offer fully guided Utah trophy bull elk hunts! You will be able to hunt bulls on our private ranch with the weapon of your choice, talk about the elk hunting trip of a lifetime! You will be able to see, stalk and hunt bulls that will make your blood boil

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Leeder Hunting
P.O. Box 624, New Harmony, Utah 84757
Phone: (435) 691-1116

Leeder Hunting outfitters is a premier hunting guide for Elk in Nevada and Utah. Our guided elk hunts begin in late August with archery season that and runs through mid September. Rifle and muzzleloader seasons for elk begin in mid September and run through early December. During our early season elk hunts, we will be pursuing large, bugling bulls during the rut. The late season hunts are spent searching in quiet, out of the way places for secluded bulls.

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Lone Tree Outfitters
PO Box 160 , Eureka, Utah 84628
Brady: (801) 319-3226, John: (801) 301-7347

Trophy Bull Elk Hunts in the 'RUT' in Utah with Rifle. This is an ideal hunt because of the time of year you can harvest your trophy. Hunt takes place in mid to late September while the elk are in the rut. No need to worry about the draw- guaranteed landowner tags available.

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Mecham Outfitters
50 South 781 West, Tropic, Utah 84776
Phone: (435) 679-8823

We are a small yet personal outfitter located in The Southern Part of Utah. We have been hunting these mountains for over 25 years. We specialize in hunts on the Mt. Dutton, Boulder Mt. and Paunsaugunt units. Our goal is to give you a real hunting experience, in some of the most spectacular country you will ever hunt in. We offer Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Lion, Bear, Bobcat, and Turkey. Our hunts include 5 days of hunting on public land, lodging, and meals. We hunt horse /mule back. ATV, 4 wheel drive, and Hiking. We are surrounded by some of the best limited entry elk units in the state. We offer archery, riffle, and muzzle loader.

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Mossback Guides & Outfitters
992 S 480 W , Salem, Utah 84653
Phone: (801) 423-535

Owner Doyle Moss and Team MossBack have helped hunters with hunts of a lifetime - including World Record #3 P&Y Bull, World Record Spyder Bull, Utahs Largest Bull Elk taken by a Woman, and #1 Utah Typical and #4 in the world!

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Pines Ranch Outfitters
HC 13 - Box 460, Fairview, Utah 84629
Phone: (435) 427-9592, Cell: (801) 821-3181

Utah's DWR is managing it's elk herd for trophy class bulls. Any unit you hunt, you are almost assured the opportunity of a shot at a 6x6 bull. Some of the units in this state are producing some bulls scoring over 400 BC points. On the average you should take home a bull that will score at least 315 or 320. These hunts are definitely worth the $5.00 to apply. Somebody's going to draw, why not you? FIRST CLASS HUNT ALL THE WAY! Deadline for the draw is the end of January. For the serious hunter, there are a few landowner and conservation tags for sale. Please inquire.

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Porcupine Adventures
P.O. Box 69, Paradise, Utah 84328
Phone: (435) 760-1247

In recent years, Utah has become the destination of choice for trophy elk. Each year, in many Utah units, state-wide record book elks are being harvested. There are many limited-entry units and Cooperative Wildlife Management Units capable of producing world-class bulls. A Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) is a large tract of private property that has been issued its own tags by the State of Utah and has given hunters the privilege to hunt elk with a rifle from the 1st of September to the 31st of October. Utah may be the only state in the U.S. to allow rifle elk hunting during the rut. Hunting elk in the rut while they are bugling may well be one of the most exciting hunts available.

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R & K Hunting Company
80 W. 100 S. P.O. Box 357, Henefer, Utah 84033
Phone: (435) 655-5484

There is nothing quite like hearing the echo of a bull elk bugle through a mountain valley on a crisp fall morning. These majestic monarchs are a sight to behold in their natural Rocky Mountain habitat. As a migratory species, elk herds may range over hundreds of square miles. This can be a challenge for wildlife management, but with stewardship over more than 1.2 million acres of elk habitat the R & K Hunting Company has a distinct advantage.

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Record Book Guides & Outfitters
117 W. State St., Hurricane, Utah 84737
Phone: (435) 819-0490

Utah has the best elk hunting on planet earth! During the past few years the world record bull and many more monster elk have been harvested

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Red Cliff Ranch
13554 East Highway 39, Huntsville, Utah 84317
Phone: ( 80) 174-6900

As one of the top outfitters in Utah, we will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! Our specialty team has been in the Outfitting/Guiding business for nearly 30 years - and will offer you the hunt you’ve been looking for!

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Red Creek Outfitters
PO BOX 600218 70 South 300 West, Paragonah, Utah 84760
Cell: (435) 590-4868, Home: (435) 477-3061

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Royal Rut Ranch
2286 East Cedar Drive, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
Phone: (801) 768-3096, Toll Free: (866) 411-HUNT

Royal Rut Ranch is located on 5600 acres of some of Utah’s most stunning scenery. This wild and rugged land has been preserved so you have the outstanding opportunity for trophy hunts with your choice of weapons such as Bow, Rifle or Muzzleloader.

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SD Outfitters
633 North 400 East, Nephi, Utah 84648
Phone: (801) 940-2122

With my team’s efforts, we have been able to harvest the #1 Crossbow Elk, the #1 Archery Elk, and the #3 Rifle Elk for the Safari Club International, as well as several Boone and Crockett deer. Check out our Schedule and book your dream hunt on our award-producing grounds today!

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Shane Scott Outfitting L.L.C
P.O. Box 61, Richfield, Utah 84701
Phone: (435) 201-4088

Utah Elk Hunting Overview: At this time Utah has some of the best Elk hunting in the world. There are few things in hunting more exhilarating than to hear the bugle of a mature bull elk on a crisp fall morning, and fortunately we are able to hunt these magnificent animals during the peak of the rut. Utah limited entry units are arguably the best in the western United States for trophy elk. We can assist you with the drawing applications. Our Trophy Bull Elk Hunts start in August, go through September during the rut and end in November. Utah recently began giving November trophy bull elk hunts. They are easier to draw and provide great trophy bull opportunity.

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South Creek Outfitters
Valley Lynn Rd, Almo, Utah 83312
Phone: (801) 836-8411

We all know that Trophy Rocky Mountain Bull Elk are one of the most sought after big game animals in all the world. We know how difficult it is to hunt these 320+ inch animals. Location, Knowledge, Patience, Skill and Commitment are needed to be successful in harvesting a Trophy Bull Elk.

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Strate Outdoors
PO Box 374, Spring City, Utah 84662
Phone: (801) 910-2694

We highly specialize in Trophy Elk Hunting and that is our trademark. We provide guided hunts in the Manti-La Sal National Forest in Central Utah. Hunters may be able to harvest Trophy Elk in the 350 point and above range.

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Strawberry Bay Outfitters
23 US-40, Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: (435) 548-2500, Phone: (435) 548-2261

If you are looking for the hunting experience of a lifetime, our outfitters specialize in guiding, in the Wasatch Unit. This unit has more elk than any other unit in Utah and has produced several of the top record elk in the state including the 2006 muzzleloader world record, killed 10 miles from our lodge. The average bull killed with us over the past two years have scored 350. For a quality hunt and an opportunity to kill a trophy bull, let us help you put together you Utah hunt. Five day guided hunts include lodging, meals, packing, horses, and transportation. Custom priced hunts are available, just contact us.

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Sunrise Outfitting
140 N. 100 W., Blanding, Utah 84511
Phone: ( 43) 567-2838

Successful applicants will be hunting for a Boone & Crockett 350 gross or better bulls. Elk hunts are generally arranged to last for the entire season, beginning before opening day, until the client has successfully killed or until the end of the season. We operate out of a camp for elk hunts to reduce travel time. We have a 100% success rate for at least a 6x6 bull elk.

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Tavaputs Ranch
P.O. Box 1736, Price, Utah 84501
Phone: (435) 637-1236

If hunting adventure is your game, then Tavaputs is where you'll want to spend some quality time. We offer Guided Hunts for huge bucks, trophy elk and black bear. Over 10,000 acres of private land has helped deer and elk populations grow. Trophy bucks and bulls are common here on the Tavaputs. Our guides will see that you get the best of attention and the best of shots. Our one-to-one ratio of guide to hunter makes your hunt personal and enjoyable. Our success rate over the last 20 years..........100%

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Teton Country Outfitters
PO Box 312, Oakley, Utah 84055
Phone: (866) 783-5819

The area we hunt is between 7,500 and 9,000 feet in elevation, therefore, it is physically demanding and requires the hunter to be in fairly good physical shape. The success ratio for hunting from a wilderness pack-in camp varies each year. Weather, your hunting skills and plain old luck all play a part. The kill percentages each year consistently run between 65-75% on elk and 100% on moose. The success ratio is between 80-90% on elk; success meaning game that is either killed, missed, wounded or turned down. Elk area 71 consistently produces the best bull elk in Wyoming.

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The R & K Hunting Company
80W 100 N, Henefer, Utah 84033
Justin: (435) 655-5484, Daniel: (801) 510-5847

There is nothing quite like hearing the echo of a bull elk bugle through a mountain valley on a crisp fall morning. These majestic monarchs are a remarkable sight in their natural Rocky Mountain habitat. As a migratory species, elk herds may range over hundreds of square miles.

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Triple H Hunting
P.O. Box 580, Levan, Utah 84639
Bruce: (435) 623-744 , Craig: (435) 623-1016

Triple H Hunting provides a once in a lifetime hunting opportunity for Trophy Elk. 10 Bull Elk taken over the last 5 years have made the minimum 375 requirement for the Boone & Crockett Record Book. Contact us for more info!

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Wade Lemon Hunting
PO Box 222, Holden, Utah 84636
Phone: (435) 795-2299

Utah has some of the absolute best Elk hunting in the world. Most years Utah produces more record book Bulls than many of the western states combined. We offer Archery, Muzzle loader and rifle hunts in most of the limited entry units across the state. A few of the units we specialize in are: (Fillmore Pahvant, Plateau Boulder, Manti, Fish Lake, Beaver, Southwest Desert, San Juan, Wasatch, Dutton and Nebo).

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Weathered Horn Outfitters
285 West 250 South, Henefer, Utah 84033
Phone: (801) 510-5847

The R & K Hunting Company specializes in trophy-class hunts for mule deer, elk and Shiras moose on more than 1,000,000 acres of prime private land. The 3,000 acre Weathered Horn Ranch, like other private ranches we control, has been under a strict wildlife management program for many years. This careful management has resulted in a top-of-the-line fine hunting experience for mature animals.

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West Canyon Ranch
975 West Canyon Road, Paradise, Utah 84328
Office: (435) 770-3421

WELCOME TO OUR HIGH FENCE HUNTING RANCH IN UTAH WHERE WE OFFER GUIDED HUNTS Hidden in the heart of the northern Wasatch Mountains, West Canyon Ranch, a guaranteed hunting ranch in Utah, is 4,000 acres of breathtaking scenery. Hills and valleys are decorated with streams, ponds, and greenery of all types. Filled with hundreds of elk, bison, turkeys, and everything in-between, the ranch is a hunter’s dream.

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Western Lands Outfitters
PO Box 13258, Ogden, Utah 84412
Phone: (801) 430-0876

Western Lands Outfitters is a Utah-based business, which specializes in big game hunting opportunities and long-range shooting schools. There are opportunities to hunt mule deer, elk, antelope, shhiras moose, rocky mountain goats, desert bighorns, buffalo, rocky mountain bighorn, cougars, white-tail deer, aoudad sheep, hogs and turkeys. Many of these hunts take place on large private ranches with guaranteed landowner vouchers.

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White Peaks Outfitters
5238 W 2150 N, Ogden, Utah 84404
Toll Free: (800) 225-1563

Our mission is to give you the best quality elk experience possible. We pride ourselves with trophy elk herds, friendly staff, comfortable lodges, and large private land ranches. Come and see for yourself why preserve elk hunting is the best experience you will ever have.

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Wild Eyez Outfitters
242 North 300 East, Manti, Utah 84642
Office: (435) 851-6480

Helping you punch your permit on a High Scoring,Trophy Class Mule deer is our highest priority when you book your Mule Deer Hunt with us. In Utah, you need to draw a permit for a Mule Deer either on a Limited Entry (Trophy Class) unit or an open unit. Once, you do that contact us, book your hunt and leave the pre-season work to us in planning for your Mule Deer Hunting Adventure and the high likelihood of a Solid Mule Deer in the bed of your truck en-route back home. We provide Guide Services for the majority of the Hunting Units in Utah, and Utah has some EXCEPTIONAL Trophy Class Mule Deer Units. Our Guides know the Hunting Units and they are a Trophy Mule Deers most lethal predator. We would be glad to help you give that dream Mule Deer a Dirt Nap and "Tag Out" rather than, "Burn Out" and eat Tag Soup son your Mule Deer hunt of a lifetime. We are currently booking about a year out and hold deposits over for an additional year while honoring your original quote should you fail to draw that coveted permit this upcoming year.

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Wild West Outfitters
101 Thompson Lane, Junction, Utah 84740
Phone 1: (435) 577-2073, Phone 2: (435) 619-3426

Southern Utah's Elk hunting is producing some of the biggest bull elk in the world. I am based in Panquitch, Utah. Surrounded by great units producing world class elk. I have hunted these units my whole life and know them all very well. We hunt elk mainly on horseback from camp. We hunt Forest Service and BLM land, but hunting from horses eliminates a lot of other hunters in premium areas. If you are looking to kill a bull of a lifetime with a bow or rifle, Wild West Outfitters will accommodate you.

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