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Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Gage Outdoor Expeditions
Ben Holbrook


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Welcome to Gage Outdoors Expeditions and trophy Elk hunting.  Come and enjoy hunting world class Elk in Ocate, New Mexico, near the Colorado border.  We offer a variety of hunts to ensure that every hunter recieves the hunt they are looking for.  Come experience hunting trophy Elk in the majestic landscape of New Mexico.

Types of Hunts at

Elk Archery (Mid to Late September)

For September archery hunts, calling is our preferred method of hunting elk. We utilize a variety of calling techiques to bring the Trophy bulls in to range. Shots are taken from 10 to 40 yards and we had success hunting from tree stands, ground blinds and decoys. For many hunters, the archer hunt is the most exciting of all elk hunting. Nothing brings more excitement and heart pounding action than a bull bugling in total rage less than 100 yards from your set-up. We are professional seasoned bow hunters and understand the special needs of bow hunters. This is a very physical hunt and requires that the hunter be in good shape and willing to hike the many miles required to stalk these fast moving creatures and in some case run to maneuver on set-ups or ambush. The trophy bulls usually begin to rut during these bow hunts and the element of surprise offers excellent opportunities at Pope & Young trophy elk. You can expect a lot of action and activity on these Trophy elk hunts.

Elk Firearms (4 Separate 5 day hunts from October to December)

Early rifle hunts for trophy bulls are conducted in early October during the rut. Calling is a good method for locating bulls and most harvests are done by stalking and ambushing. There are a number of areas within the ranch that are used by elk to socialize and mate during the rutting period. We will set-up clients in strategic areas and wait for the game to enter. As we are always with you during the ambush, we can tell you if it is a harvestable trophy and even range him. We never leave you alone. Most rifle shots range from 75 to 300 yards. Other methods of hunting include walking, tree stands, ground blinds and the use of 4wheel drives to get to prime elk habitat. Later hunts are conducted utilizing 4wheel drive vehicles to get to strategic locations. Snow is usually prevalent, making tracking and locating of animals much easier. Bulls are found in bachelor herds and in the farmlands providing an excellent opportunity to harvest a trophy class bull. It is not unusual to see 300-400 elk in herd during the late season hunts.

Elk Muzzle Loader (Occurs the 3rd week of October)

The Rio Costilla incorporated this unique hunt in 2000. This hunt takes place in mid-October and actually replaces a regular rifle hunt. It is conducted right after the 1st and 2nd regular rifle hunts. The reasoning behind this unique opportunity is; since the bulls will be pulling out of the rut at this time, their concentration shifts from breeding to feeding. This is an excellent time to find bulls in a feeding frenzy in an attempt to build up weight lost during the rut and preparing for the long cold winter. The Rio Costilla Park allows only a few hunts during this black powder opportunity. We strategically set up tree stands and ground blinds in areas frequented by feeding bulls taking advantage of their need to feed. In some cases we use feeding calls to attract the elk into grassy meadows and open areas. This is an excellent hunt for the black powder hunter. The bulls will be forming bachelor herds for protection purposes as winter begins and colder weather sets in.

Lodging at

Bar 3S Ranch

This newest acquisition encompasses over 30,000 acres of pristine private property in north eastern New Mexico. Unit 48 elk hunts start late for the northern portion of state. We offer an archery elk season in September, two November rifle and one December elk hunts, this ranch offers a great opportunity to harvest 270- 310+ bull. The terrain is open meadows with pine and spruce stands and meandering streams. The elevation on the Bar 3S runs from 6,000 to 8,800 ft. and is less physically challenging than the Rio, making this a great hunt for those requiring less physically challenging elk hunts. Harvest rates are high on this private property and the majestic 100,000 acre private ranch; UU Bar borders the Bar 3S and elk number are very healthy with excellent trophy elk potential.